Meet Laurinda

Laurinda has been working for Flagstaff since 1999 and has never let her blindness stop her achieving her work goals.

When she first arrived at Flagstaff 20 years ago she had an interview with the Human Resource Officer.  She didn’t think that Laurinda would be able to complete some jobs such as fuse two different thicknesses of wire to wrap around a piece of cardboard but, to everyone’s surprise, she achieved the task.

Laurinda completed four weeks of work experience and was offered a job at Flagstaff soon after.  She started with just one day a week but this extended to several times a week as her contribution to the team became significant.

Laurinda now works full time in Customer Service and helps fold invoices and statements using a template.  She also proofreads Braille produced at Flagstaff Print, Mail and Digital.

Laurinda is keen to learn new skills and recently completed a Toastmasters Speechcraft Course and joined Toastmasters.  She is also studying Customer Engagement and Marketing.  She will soon be the proud owner of a Guide Dog.


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