Frequently Asked Questions

  • Acknowledges your organization is “disability friendly”.
  • Customer Service – The company employees will have received training to enable them to be better equipped to serve and work with people with disabilities.
  • Enhanced brand and reputation of Inclusion and Accessibility.
  • Work environment will have been independently audited for accessibility.

No. Modules can be undertaken independently however, to receive the Tick of Approval, there are other requirements.

  • Training modules will have been completed.
  • Site audit will have been conducted and recommended adjustments completed.

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Your company website is your online presence and web accessibility is simply removing the barriers to the information particularly to individuals with specific types of disabilities.

The W3C consortium has a set of guidelines to ensure that these barriers are addressed – the WCAG 2.0 guidelines (and the upcoming WCAG 2.1 which includes devices such as mobiles, tablets and IoTs).


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