Employment Readiness

To learn more about employment readiness and what you need to consider when employing a person with a disability our training module for Human Resource specialists is a must. Full of specialist information, this module will guide you through topics that will equip you with increased awareness, understanding and knowledge on the recruitment and selection processes along with helping you establish if your workplace is accessible. Research has shown that employers would like to employ people with a disability but are not sure what they need to do.*

The diD program helps identify what needs to be undertaken to prepare the workplace and its employees in preparation to recruit a person with a disability. This may include:

  • Identifying an appropriate position
  • Auditing of the work environment
  • Deconstructing Position Descriptions
  • Identifying award conditions
  • Create an inclusive culture
  • Understand why work is important for a person with a disability

*Source: Dept Social Services Report 2018 Building Employer Demand

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